Assistant Professor in Linguistics University of Alabama

The University of Alabama English Department invites applications for one tenure-track (9 month) position in Applied Linguistics at the rank of Assistant Professor. The successful applicant will have a PhD in linguistics or applied linguistics; an active, successful research agenda with a primary emphasis in ESL writing; and a record of effective teaching.

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Language Contact in the Danish West Indies

Robin Sabino, Auburn University. 2012. Language Contact in the Danish West Indies: Giving Jack His Jacket. Boston, Massachusetts: Brill.

“Language Contact in the Danish West Indies: Giving Jack His Jacket lays bare crucial roles played by community and resistance in the refashioning of heritage languages. Robin Sabino draws on her community relationships, her fieldwork with a last speaker, and research from a range of disciplines, to advance a revisionist history that elucidates the African linguistic resources used to create community in a land those who were transhipped did not choose and from which they could not return. In parallel fashion, the narrative locates the partial appropriation of creole features by the colony’s Euro-Caribbean community in the emergence of local identity. It also traces the replacement of Dutch and Virgin Islands Dutch Creole with their English counterparts.” website

The Language of Language

Cruz, Ferreira, Madalena and Sunita Anne Abraham. 2011. The Language of Language: A Linguistics Course for Starters. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace.

“Now in its third edition, published in 2011, our book is aimed at multilingual speakers of English with no prior background in language studies. Our goal is to encourage informed thinking about (why) language matters. Packed with over 100 commented activities, examples of language play, and fun “food for thought”, the book is designed to foster independent exploration of language and linguistics. It comes complete with a companion website. The book is appropriate for language teacher training, as well as for language study courses at A-level/junior college or university level.”(more info)

Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools

*Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools, Christine Mallinson and Anne H. Charity Hudley of the College of William & Mary, is now available on $29.95.

Foreword by Bill Labov, an afterword by Walt Wolfram, and endorsements by Deborah Tannen, Terry Wiley, Samy Alim, and others. The book tailors information about language variation to diverse U.S. educational contexts, with chapters focusing on language and multicultural education, the concept of School English, Southern, Appalachian, and African American English varieties, and the relationship between language variation and assessment. The text attunes readers to language differences, explores issues of everyday concern to those who are assessing the linguistic competence of students, and offers practical strategies to support student achievement while fostering positive language attitudes in classrooms and beyond.

Drafts have successfully been used in a range of graduate and undergraduate classes, including African American English, American English, Dialectology, Language Attitudes, Language in Diverse Schools and Communities, Language in Society, and Language Variation and Education.

Advances in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Cambridge Scholar Publishing is launching Advances in pragmatics and discourse analysis. The main goal of the series is to offer high quality volumes, both monographs and edited collections, dealing with current and innovative research on all sub-fields of pragmatics and discourse analysis.

Editors: Pilar Garcéés-Conejos Blitvich, Ph.D. – Associate Professor – Department of English – University of North Carolina at Charlotte – and Manuel Padilla-Cruz, Ph.D. – Lecturer – Department of English Language and Linguistics – University of Seville –

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